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Tổng Đài » Ericsson / Aastra
Sản phẩm MD110 & MXONE Spares
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 Ericsson MD110

KINGDOM stock a full range of spare parts for the Ericsson MD110. Please contact us for more information.

The Ericsson MD110 system is a convergence communication system with a scalable platform. It can support up to 35,000 users with its use of line interface modules (LIM’s), which can be linked even if distributed over a wide area.

The Ericsson MD110 system includes integrated voice, data and multimedia applications and can support both fixed and mobile telephony; IP telephones, IP soft phones, cordless telephones, digital, analogue, mobile and fixed public telephones.

KINGDOM can supply you with a wide range of equipment and spares for the Ericsson MD110 for updating or expanding your/your clients’ networks. We can also assist you with your service contracts. Please call us to find out how we can help.

Filter the below products by name or code by clicking the title at the top of the column. Click on a name/code to view this product in more detail.

Product Name Product Code  
2MB Tie Line ROF1377435/1 R1B Request Quote
AAU1 ROF1375411/1 R4A Request Quote
AAU1 ROF1375411/1 R5A Request Quote
ALU1 ROF131835/2 R3A Request Quote
ALU2 ROF1375373/1 R1A Request Quote
BFU2 BMG906-01/2 Request Quote
BTU1 ROF131866/2 R8A Request Quote
CCU ROF1314234/1 R1A Request Quote
CCU ROF1314234/2 R1A Request Quote
CDU1 ROF131832/2 Request Quote
CLM BGB95010/100 Request Quote
DSU ROF1314414/1 R12B Request Quote
DSU ROF1314414/3 R2A Request Quote
DSU ROF1314414/3 R7A Request Quote
DSU ROF1314414/4 R10C Request Quote
DSU ROF1314414/4 R7A Request Quote
DSU ROF1314414/4 R8A Request Quote
DSU ROF1314414/4 R8B Request Quote
ELU1 ROF131806/2-R7B/A Request Quote
ELU11 ROF1375216/1 R3A Request Quote

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Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit

Price: Call

Phầm mềm tính cước điện thoại CDR

Price: 800000 $

Trả lời tự động AA9604

Price: 196 $

IP Voice Trading System

Price: Call

Đầu nối cáp tổng đài

Price: 200000 $

SoundStation VTX 1000

Price: 31900000 $

Unified Communications

Price: Call

Hội nghị truyền hình Polycom

Price: Call

GSM Signal Booster / Repeater

Price: Call

Điện thoại Mitel 5212 / 5312

Price: 4200000 $

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