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Sản phẩm E1/T1 Concentrator Rack
Kho Còn hàng

The ERM01 is a 4U 19(23)" concentrator rack type E1 DSU/CSU for Fractional and Unframed G.703 E1 Access for central office installations. There are 13 slots available for hot swappable G.703 E1 cards. An optional SNMP card can be installed into the last slot for configuration and management, leaving 12 slots available for G.703 cards. The SNMP card provides both local control via an RS-232 serial console port and remote IP management using Telnet or industry standard SNMP protocol. Each E1 card may be linked to a remote E1/FE1 stand-alone Access Unit for various LAN, Data, or hosts over E1 network services. The ERM01 accommodates an optional second hot swappable shared power supply module which may derive power from AC (90-250) or DC (-48V) power sources. On the rear panel, combinations of BNC, RJ-45 and wire-wrap terminals are utilized for E1 Line interface connections. Adapter cables are used to convert the HDB26F DCE data ports to V.35, RS-530, RS-449, X.21 or 10/100 Base Ethernet depending on the installed card.

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